January check in: My year of being more mindful and living minimally

It is finally the 31st January. Why is January the longest month? I’ve had a very busy month with the new job and routine so haven’t written much this month. I’ve also been studying and have started a new little project writing stories for my nieces and nephew. This post is just to give a few ways I’m being more mindful and bringing intention to the everyday.

I had a really good clear out of my closet (just like Eminem) at the beginning of the month which was a great way to start the year. My boyfriend’s Nan volunteers at a hospice charity shop and she kindly took two bin bags full of donations. As ever it felt great as if a weight had been lifted. I went into the loft and found a couple of bags of clothes – I thought I had donated it all already! I’ll admit I’m far from minimal perfection – also such a thing doesn’t exist.

Coffee mornings – every morning. As part of being more mindful of my spending, I have been taking my morning almond milk latte in my favourite travel mug for the drive to work. It definitely makes getting stuck in Ipswich traffic more tolerable! Podcasts. I’ve listened to them for years but have just discovered My Dad Wrote a Porno – hilarious! You only know if you know!

Self care – this is a bit of a buzzword and has been getting negative criticism. For me, it is morning walks before work, weekly yoga classes, investing into my golf practice, taking time for my own hobbies, interests and TV shows. Also healthier choices in my diet – thanks to the other half for the spiralizer for my birthday. Nothing says adulting more than gifting kitchen utensils for birthdays! I have to say I’m feeling so much better for all this self care! It isn’t limited to just me in my opinion, it’s also about giving to my nearest and dearest which include my pug and the boyfriend – in order of importance of course!

Date days and family time. With Valentines Day getting nearer, I get more frustrated every year by the consumerist bollocks that goes with it. Funnily enough the guys at work were talking about this and I feel like the general consensus now is that most people don’t ‘celebrate’ it. I think regular (but also spontaneous) date nights are important in any relationship and shouldn’t be limited to a date on the calendar. I’ve also spent some important quality time with my sisters which was well overdue and just lovely!

Netflix – well Marie Kondo is going to have to get a shout out. It’s so nice being out and about hearing people talk about this show. I read her book a couple of years ago and it resonates with me now as much as it did then. I think people are really discovering minimalism and the meaning behind it.

FutureMe. I was inspired by Richard Branson who published letters to his younger self at different ages. See it here. I love writing and thought this idea was awesome so I have been writing emails to me for the future. I did one about 18 months ago and it is so fun to receive in my inbox after completely forgetting what I said and seeing how things have turned out.

That’ll do for now. LP xo.


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