Styling with concrete

I can’t believe nearly a year has gone by since I wrote on my blog! I decided today I must get back into it. A lot has changed in the last year and I think for the better as I’ve been travelling, moved in with my other half and am nearly finished with the Masters degree! Only 1.5 modules left to go!

Anyway, I wanted to make this post about concrete. As a kitchen designer I’m often asked about concrete worktops (which are seriously sexy), albeit not that practical as they are porous but I’ve been online window shopping for products made of concrete and here is some inspiration.

What I have noticed about my new obsession with concrete is how I am getting more and more into minimalism. This is all thanks to Marie Kondo after I read her book about uncluttering. It is something that has genuinely changed my life as it made me think about every product I own and the value of it. It has also made me think about interior design differently. Now, I prefer a design which has a long, purposeful meaning. This seems to be part of the bigger picture in many fashion industries as far as I read in global mega trends. The fashion industry is moving more towards quality, longer term design as well as upcyling and re-using in an attempt to prevent people from wearing an outfit once before throwing it away.

Here are a few products I have found which you can buy to create this effect. Or even better, why not try making some things yourself! Take a look at my Pinterest page on concrete inspo here.


Concrete lamp – – £89.00

Ancoats grey tile – – £36.96 m²

Concrete wallpaper – – £40.00 m²

Lysekil wall panel – Ikea – £25.00 per 1.2m²

Concrete cherry table lamp – R&LDesignStudio – £39.00

House Doctor Concrete Lamp – – £59.00

Concrete poster – – £15.00

Concrete hexagonal planter – – £14.00

Speak soon!

LP xo

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