Goodbye January

January is usually my favourite time of year. It is when the mania of Christmas is over and we can move on with normal life again. Last month was a complete blur for me. With the busiest time of my life at work I am glad to see the back of January! Lots of long days at work, not getting home until sometimes nine. Following on from my last post about falling back in love which you can read here, I was talking about getting back into my passions and falling back in love with me again – on a deeper personal level. I have to say I thought that I was all talk as one of the typical new years resolutions victims! Not this year though! It did really work, well so far… let’s not run before we can walk.

I went to Nottingham to see my tutor at the beginning of January for my first tutorial and it was completely cathartic. My tutor told me I was lost. He said in terms of my career and where I want it to go, I was lost. It hit me and I actually felt very emotional. I had been studying for four and a half years and have landed what I thought was my ‘dream job’ designing kitchens and bathrooms. He told me that it is very normal to feel lost and almost a little underwhelmed but that that meant for greater things to come. He then gave me the task of going to find myself in interior design. Where the hell do you start with something like that? Well, I bought every single home magazine I could from W H Smith.  A £75 trip and achy arms later I had my work cut out for me. Very conscious of my upcoming deadline I gave myself one week. One week to find my niche and decide which way I wanted to go for potentially the rest of my career. And it worked! As I read through each magazine, completely engulfing myself into the words, pictures, photographers, designers, suppliers and it was amazing. I learnt so much. I have always been the sort of person who skim reads things, or more specifically, looks at the pretty pictures of beautiful homes. (I know I’m not the only one!)

Rustic. Just rustic, uncoordinated, minimalism, Scandinavian design. There we have it. I also narrowed down my favourite type of art to abstract expressionism and out of nowhere I rekindled my love for photography (which I have just treated myself to a spanking new camera). I knew I liked this kind of design from previous DIY up-cycling projects but I hadn’t realized just how passionate I am about it. Passion. That’s the word. Passion, meaning strong and barely controllable. Over the top? Well maybe but we all need passion in our lives and mine happens to be in the world of all things creative.

Where’s this post going again? Well, it has no end destination really (sorry to disappoint) but I just wanted to document this amazing feeling I have about how optimistic I am at this moment in time about my future, art, photography and just life in general. It is really like someone has changed a creative bulb in my mind and turned the light on again. When I am driving I am noticing beautiful shots, sunrises, beautiful hidden meanings in everything, my senses are more aware of song lyrics which then inspire another thought and it goes on.

A personal favourite lyric at the moment: “If I go, I’m goin”

LP xo


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