Minimalist style in period homes

Something I love seeing is a combination of traditional style properties with a modern twist. Whether that’s a funky paint colour, contemporary artwork or minimalistic style furniture on a classic backdrop. It’s tragic to rip down all the original architrave and detailing in the homes! I wanted to put together a little inspiration post for […]

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My Minimalistic Photography

Happy new year everyone! What a start to the year it’s been already and it’s only the 11th but I’ve done so much and it’s shaping to be a fantastic year with lots to look forward to already! I’ve spent a night in Bristol with my best friend, been to Wales visiting my parents, started […]

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Minimalist Christmas Wreaths

I have noticed on Facebook minimalist groups that people are asking how to decorate their homes at Christmas without overdoing it. This time of year is so easy to fall back into excess habits so starting with minimal Christmas decorations is a great way to set the season’s tone. For me, Christmas isn’t Christmas without […]

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Living out of a backpack

A key point in my minimalism journey was when I went backpacking for four months earlier this year. No, I’m not about to go all hippy on you and start describing the experience of finding myself whilst travelling the world. This post is merely about putting the items we have into perspective and understanding the […]

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Why minimalism?

Hey I’ve just finished watching The Minimalists documentary on Netflix and feel like I too want to put pen to paper (or more realistically fingers to keyboard) and write about how and why I came to like minimalism. If you haven’t watched it then you must. I’ve been listening to their podcast for about a […]

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Styling with concrete

I can’t believe nearly a year has gone by since I wrote on my blog! I decided today I must get back into it. A lot has changed in the last year and I think for the better as I’ve been travelling, moved in with my other half and am nearly finished with the Masters […]

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